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“FELCOM251/ FELCOM501 FleetBroadband brings ship-to-shore operational and social communication to the broadband IP era”

24 June 2019

FELCOM251 and FELCOM501 are FURUNO’s latest Inmarsat FleetBroadband terminals, which delivers ship-to-shore/ ship-to-ship broadband communication of up to 432 kbps, anywhere at sea, by utilising the inmarsat Fleet Xpress system coverage (refer to coverage map below).

FELCOM251 and FELCOM501 will bring cost-effective broadband communication onboard the vessels for a variety of needs, for both operational and social purposes, including calling their friends and family back home while at sea.

In addition to data communication services (Standard IP of up to 432 kbps). FleetBroadBand allows the users to make use of ISDN data service* as well as FAX communication.


System Overview of FleetBroadband

FleetBroadband Coverage

  • I4 satellite F1 PAC-W 143.5E: Covering Oceania, Western Pacific and South and East Asia.
  • I4 satellite F2 IND-W 25E: Covering Western Asia, Africa and Eastern Atlantic.
  • I4 satellite F3 PAC-E 98W: Covering Western Atlantic, Eastern Pacific and Americas.

Crystal clear voice telephony

  • 4 kbps cost-effective, landline quality speech available
  • Supports one circuit switched service at any one time.
  • Simultaneous use together with data communications.

High stability in communication links achieves constant network availability even under harsh environmental conditions.

Supports additional core voice and ISDN data capabilities for integration with legacy applications.

  • ISDN compatibility available on FELCOM501.

SMS (up to 160 characters) and voice mail.

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